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Recruitment and selection


New candidates are attracted through references of existing crew and through various advertisements. Selections are composed of four stages; visual review and check of authenticity and validity of the required certificates and documents, electronic competency assessment, verbal assessment, and verification of experience with previous employers.


It is a general guiding criteria to give first priority to its ex-crew members. Their continued employment assures the company of a regular supply of officers and crew that meet the qualifications and requirements of the principal. Their familiarity with the principal and vessel’s rules and regulations shall be an added advantage.

Crew change coordination


Our operators manage crew changes, booking flights, monitoring vessels schedule, coordinating with Master, the principal and the port agents, ensuring that on and off-signers are in possession of the required travel documents and embark and disembark from the vessel safely keeping in mind turn-over time.

EASI offers an all around comprehensive service to its principals and crew.

Advanced crew planning


Crew changes are planned three months ahead and agreed upon with the principal. Crew are informed of their next assignment upon disembarking allowing them to plan and make the most of their vacation time.

Briefing and debriefing


As the crucial link between crew and principal, we find it important to share the feedback we receive from crew that disembark.


This information is used again in briefing new joiners, but is also passed on the principal allowing them to make informed decisions.

Benefit administration


We believe in open and transparent management of benefits. Not only is this an MLC requirement, it is crucially important that the crew and the family are familiar with the terms of their employment and fully understand what their benefits are and how these are obtained especially during the course of extraordinary cases such as repatriations due to illness or accident.


We put a lot of effort into this transparency, ensuring that everyone involved is fully aware of the terms of their employment and their rights and our systems are aligned as such.

Welfare management


The wellbeing of a crew member and his family are of primary importance and has a direct impact on his employment. Our welfare team can handle anything from sending care packages from home to the vessel, providing assistance when a family member is in need of hospitalization, to simply remembering a birthday.

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